Special invitation for the K-exhibition in Düsseldorf


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(Anti) Static is Magic!

On the Simco-ION Netherlands booth at the K-show a memorable event will take place.

Simco-ION will launch 10 brand new products for controlling static electricity.

These products all belong to a new family called IQ Easy, and all have the unique feature of 24V DC supply voltage. Anti-static bars, static measuring, static bonding and special products for IML (In mould labelling) will be launched.

All products will be managed by the Manager IQ Easy, a controller that will provide distribution of the 24V DC supply voltage to a possible six connected devices. A 7” full colour LCD display provides information about the status and settings of all connected devices.

Analogue input and output signals are available as well as a serial communication port for protocols such as, Profibus, Can-open, Ethernet-IP etc...

For quality management systems and process tracking, full data logging for all devices is incorporated.

On behalf of your local Simco-Ion representative we invite you to visit the Simco-Ion booth.

Do not miss the Simco-ION booth at Hall 11, B58!