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24V DC supply voltage


LED indicator



The VicinION is an anti-static bar designed to neutralize electrostatically charged surfaces. The anti-static bar is equipped with an integrated high-voltage power supply, emitters and a status LED and is supplied with a 24V DC power supply via an M8 connector. The VicinION is optimally used between a distance of 5 and 75 mm.


2-colour LEDContinualFlashing
GreenIn useStandby
RedOverloadAnti-static bar overheated
Supply voltage too low
HV OK overload

The VicinION is available in effective lengths from 224 to 1967 mm.


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  • Incorporated high voltage power supply, input voltage 24V DC
  • Short range ionisation: 5 - 75mm
  • Standard M8 connector
  • Designed for industrial use and easy cleaning; (protection classification IP66)
  • Shockless touchable emitter

Technical specifications

Working distance5 - 75 mm
Housing materialPlastic
Emitter pinsSpecial alloy
CableLow voltage cable
ConnectorM8-connector, 5-pole
Weight700 g/m
Ambient temperature0 - 55 °C
Use circumstancesIndustrial
U primairy24 V DC, <0,2 A
Protection classificationIP66
Suitable power unitIntegrated, 24V DC voltage input
Indication2-colour LED green/red
IO signalsRemote on/off 10-30 V DC
Mounting materialM5 x 18 sliding bolt
Remote on/off10 – 30 V (Ri >10k)
Switched on time30 ms
Output voltageMax. 8 kV positive and negative
Current per emitter to groundMax. 120 μA
High Voltage OK (HV OK)Supply Voltage -1 V. Max. 50 mA
Option5-wire cable with M8-connector, 5 m
5-wire cable, M12 - M8, 2 m

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