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диапазон измерений до 30 kV


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FMX-004- удобный карманныйизмеритель электростатическогополя, позволяющий производитьизмерения и сохранять в памятиприбора показатели полярностии напряженность электрическо-го поля. Правильное расстояниеизмерения определяется с помощьюдвух интегрированных светодиодов.Корпус прибора, выполненный изпроводящего электричество пластика,имеет с боку заземление, что обеспе-чивает точность измерений. Уникаль-ный двухцветный дисплей отражаетполученную в ходе измеренийинформацию как в цифровом, так играфическом виде. Уровень зарядабатареи также отражен на дисплее.

DIY, Home measuring kit

To find out if you have a problem that is related to static electricity you need to measure. Or better to let one of our local agents measure if you have a static electricity related problem. Correct measurement with a static measuring device can be difficult. Interpreting the meter reading can also be difficult. You need to take into account all the factors that can influence the static energy meter to interpret the values.


Measuring can be done with the Simco electrostatic voltmeter, the FMX-004 and the result is the static voltage in kVolt.


The Simco static meter FMX-004 is a convenient, compact and pocketsized handheld electrostatic fieldmeter. With this fieldmeter you can measure and store the field strength and polarity. It enables you to carry out measurements in difficult places. The correct measuring distance is displayed by two integrated LEDs.

The electrically conductive plastic housing with an earth connection fitted at the side ensures accurate measurements. The unique bicolour display shows the measured value both numerical and graphically. The status of the battery is shown on the display.

You can ask you local agent to measure with the electrostatic handheld static meter for you. Another option is to do it yourself with our convenient DIY, home measuring kit(request by chat/call). After measuring yourself Simco will help you to interpret the results by phone or video.

Simco Customer service can also help you to make the most of using the anti static meter. Also translating the results of the measurement into a solution will be supported upon your request. In most cases the use of static eliminators will help you to eliminate the static charge. This can be done by mounting an anti static device pointed at the charged spot or charged object.


And if you have a problem related to static electricity please check our solutions with the use of static eliminators!


  • Accurate measurements
  • Electricity conductive plastic housing with an earth connection
  • Possible to carry out measurements in awkward places
  • Indicator for battery status
  • Pocket-sized

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