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3 Easy steps to get your defective Simco device repaired !

In case you are in the unfortunate circumstances that you have a Simco-Ion product that is not functioning properly we aim to help you as best as possible.

You can follow our RMA procedure and find out if you product can be repaired and what the costs will be.
The indicated costs are binding for you and Simco, once Simco receives the product.
Return shipment to you is free of cost.

Cost for shipment and transportation of items to Simco is always our your expense.

Transparent and fast. No hidden cost.

Repair costs for measuring devices always include calibration.

To complete the procedure, you need the original item number and the serial number or production date.
Please refer to our FAQ section if you need help finding this information.

Read the Warranty conditions.

Download the RMA-Conditions

Start your RMA request




In case you need help to find the right information?

Please read our FAQ first.

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