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Simco-Ion invites you to read the latest news about the Simco-Ion products and organisation.

Demotour 2019: complete intelligent static control .. on the move.

In March 2019 we will start visiting 11 countries thoughout Europe, during 10 months, to show a static control simulation in production, our IQ Easy Platform. Not only the demonstraion process simulation is almost ready, but also the truck. On our website you will find:



The brochure is intended to hand out to customers or target customers. It is especially targeted to the management levels with-in your target customers. The persons in the management level are the decision makers , who finally need to be conveinced to buy a complete IQ-Easy system for a whole machine or process.

The brochure will become available in printed form in German and English beginning next year. The flyer about the tour 2019 can be ordered in English or German. What’s coming next?


  • In January the definitive planning/tour will be ready for the part up to the vacation period.
  • In our Simco app you can follow the proceedings of the tour, and gradually you can find all information around the tour. 
  • An invitation will be ready for participating agents to send to their customers/prospects. For customers it is possible to sign up via our website.
  • From 19-20 February (German) and from 26-27 February (English) there is an advanced training about the IQ Easy Platform, integration with fieldbus, and the complete simulation for the demo tour.
    Please contact your Area Sales Manager or send a mail to if you are one of the participating representatives in the tour.


When you have questions about the Demotour, please contact or fill in the form


Kick-off party

Make a note in your agenda: Friday 1 March 2019 , 13.00 -17.00 hours,there will be a Kick-off party in Lochem to kick-off the tour with our demotruck and to show our new potting machine!
There will be a party for Simco emplyees and invited guests. Simco representatives that want to attend are welcome.
More information will follow.

Price increase

Per 1-4-2019 there will be a price increase.
More information about this price increase will follow.

Coax shielded cables instead of shielded cables

All nozzles are getting a coax shielded cable instead of a standard or braided shielded shielded cable.
The changed items can be found in the new pricelist for 2019 which will be published this month.
Changed drawings will be implemented in the download section of the website.

Exhibitions policy

We often see that checklists for exhibitions are filled in just a few weeks prior an exhibition. 
This makes it hard for us to send you the exhibition goods on time.
Please keep in mind that we need the checklist earlier because of our planning (think of other planned exhibitions, possible holidays etc.), to make extra products when the requested product is already reserved for another exhibition and to ship the exhibition goods to your address.
That's why we ask you to send a checklist no later than 3 months before requested date of shipping.
In attachment you can find the changed document about the exhibitions policy.

IQ reference list

In attachment you can find an IQ reference list. You can see which customers have bought IQ Easy devices and for which applications.
This list is highly confidential and for personal use only! Do not send the list to customers or publish on your website.

Sensor external segment-unit

From now on it is an option to order a Sensor IQ Easy with an external segment-unit. 
In some production processes there is no room to place the Sensor IQ Easy above the web. In this case the Sensor IQ Easy can be placed at another position and the external segment-unit can be placed above the web.

Obsolete article numbers HDC/HDR

The following article numbers of the HDC/HDR are declared obsolete:

  • 0928002503
  • 0928007503
  • 0928052503
  • 0928102503
  • 0932050503
  • 0932100190
  • 0932150503
  • 0932150506
  • 0932200094
  • 0932200095
  • 0932250590
  • 0932258503
  • 0932300506
  • 0932300590
  • 0932350506
  • 0932350590
  • 0932358503
  • 0932500290

Cable exit R

The cable exit R is now included in the standard bars HDC/HDR, HDR High Density, HD Det and HDC-JBH/HDR-JBH. The product drawings have been changed for this, you can find them on the website.