Change in Surface cleaning

Simco Nederland BV has decided to team up with a specialised partner for Surface (web) cleaning.

Ziegener & Frick has been a reliable Partner for Simco for more than 40 years for our Static control solutions.

They have developed an extended range of Surface (Web) cleaning products. The Simco CleanION products will be integrated in the total product portfolio. This enables an even better service to our joint customers with regard to surface cleaning.

Of course the Simco anti-static equipment will be an integral part of all current and future partner products. Current CleanION products that Simco delivers to you will be available unchanged from Ziegener & Frick.

The products included in this transaction are:


  • CleanION DD
  • CleanION DD-A
  • CleanION DD-mini
  • CleanION VP
  • CleanION Neutro-Vac (Simco Netherlands)
  • CleanION SE (only in special cases)


Only the name will change slightly; the new family name will be ION Clean instead of CleanION. The official transition will take place on 1-7-2018.

All purchase orders that are scheduled for shipment after 1-7-2018 will be supplied and invoiced by Ziegener & Frick. Please direct your future purchase orders after 1-7-2018 to Ziegener & Frick Contact details: Ziegener & Frick GmbH

Schillerstrasse 50

74248 Ellhofen


Tel : +49 (0) 7134 139920

Fax: +49 (0) 7134 1399293

Purchase orders : In the next weeks Ziegener & Frick will communicate with you how you can contact responsible person within their company and where you can find information. We trust on a further successful relationship.


Performax (IQ) Easy Ex world wide acceptance

We are proud to announce that, in addition to the ATEX approval, we now also have the IECEx certificate.
This gives our Performax Easy EX and Performax IQ Easy Ex anti static bars a world wide acceptance for use in explosion hazardous environments. In many countries outside the EU, no additional compliance will be nessesarry. Please check with your local government agencies.