New Product additions

Several new Product variations have been added to the Product portfolio:

Typhoon with Performax IQ Easy
Typhoon with Performax Easy Ex
Typhoon with Performax IQ Easy Ex
Air Knife with Performax IQ Easy
Air Knife with Performax IQ Easy
ThunderION HD: Heavy Duty emitter holders made of teflon for applications with high polution.
HDR HD: High Density (Emitter spacing 7 mm)

New Pricelist

The mentioned products are also added to the pricelist.

Also the pricelist contains a section with all spare parts that are available for the Simco-Ion products.
Spare parts that are not listed are no longer available. In case a products needs a repair with a spare part that is not listed, please use the Repair (RMA) procedure on the website.

Thenew pricelist can be downloaded via our website.


Our Engineers were very proud that Meech almost shameless copied our Simco CMME IML generator.

In the attachements you can find a test report.

According to our standards this unit would fail CE approval tests.
Luckily there are some more features that make it a bad copy.


  1. Input current is way over specified current
  2. Heat production is considerable , it will probably break down when it is used in under the specified maximum ambient conditions
  3. The input current is irratic
  4. The output voltage is not stable
  5. The output voltage does not reach the specified 25 kV
  6. The EMC emission is way over the alowed limit, thus over the limit to comply with CE
  7. The unit is made with rapid manufacturing and does not have an industrial look and feel
  8. Al always Meech does not respect the correct isolation distances, so touching the device may even be dangerous.

Their selling price is Euro 1077,-

Please use this information for your own benefit if needed.


New Quotation process and layout

In the beginning of this year we have implemented a new quotation process.
The process produces a beautifull personalised Quotation with an atachement with all details about the products.