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Simco-Ion invites you to read the latest news about the Simco-Ion products and organisation.

Introduction Charging generators for IQ Easy platform

Exiting new possibilities come your way!
It is now possible to connect a CM5 charging generator to the IQ Easy platform. A newly introduced IQ Com Generator converter makes is possible to connect any existing CM5 charging generator to the Manager IQ Easy or Extension IQ Easy.
Many settings, parameters, warning and alarms are available. But MOST IMPORTANT, it is now possible to pair the CM5 with a Sensor IQ Easy to enable Closed Loop Feedback charging.
Read all about this in our new Blog-post.

The IQ-Com generator converter is available for shipment per 1-5-2017
Item number:  List price € 466,-

New procedure for repairs

At March 1st Simco-Ion has started with a new procedure for repairs and returns:

Returns from trial orders will no longer need a RMA number. Please instruct your personel and your customers to mark the packaging clearly with the OPP number as originally provided when the items where shipped.

Repairs will need to follow the procedure via our Internet portal.
You can find this on the website by (or any other Simco-Ion language URL/repair)

Products will be repaired when they are less than 8 years old. For AC anti-static bars less than 4 years old.
The repair price will be directly indicated when the correct item number and serial number is entered.
For the whole procedure , please read the attachment.

You as an Agent will automatically get a copy of each request.

Feel free to try the procedure to send an RMA to your own e-mail address. Please clearly mark in the comment boxes that it is a test.

Obsolete products

Due to various reasons some products have been declared obsolete and will be no longer produced:

CleanION SE webcleaners
HS nozzle
1/2"RSS ring ionisers
CleanION K webcleaners
ThunderION 1.0 (replaced by ThunderION 2.0)
5/8" one point bars
Performax Easy with Air knife (replaced by Performax IQ Easy with Air knife)
ION charging generators
ION charging bars
ION anti-static bars

Please remove these items from your websites, pricelist, downloads, brochures etc.

Equipment for demonstration

Demonstration equipment for use by your sales managers is available in 2 demo cases:

General equipment

IQ Easy system

All previous arrangements to buy demo equipment will be terminated.

Advertisement materials

Advertisement materials in Simco_Ion style are ready for you to use and are available on our website.

You can fill in your own text and logo and send it directly to your printer.

Ask Suzanne Dokter to send you the templates.

Promotional materials

Simco-Ion offers you our promotional ball pens against the purchase price.

The pens have a touch stylus that can be used on touch screens s.a. the Manager IQ Easy. It also contains a USB memory stick with 4 Gb capacity which can be freely used.
The USB memory is preloaded with all IQ Platform information.

Item number :   Price: € 5,-